Model S-424-V
 Filtration Systems Over-The-Top® Design Filter Housings


Protect your Products

The widely recognized Over-The-Top vessel, introduced by Filtration Systems, has become the standard for effective industrial liquid filtration. This often imitated, user-friendly design maximizes filtration performance by eliminating product contamination due to bypass of unfiltered liquid.

In a Filtration Systems vessel unfiltered liquid cannot accumulate, between the housing lid and the top of the bag. When the filter bag is removed from the housing, all particulate is collected within the bag, assuring that unfiltered material will not compromise your results. In addition, cleanup of the vessel interior during bag change-out is eliminated.

Protect your Employees
Over-The-Top vessels provide the lowest working height for filter technicians. Step stools or ladders are not required for media change-out, reducing accidental spills and minimizing employee exposure to liquids.

Hinged lids seal shut with four closure bolts and castle nuts to allow quick access without special tools. A convenient handle and a built-in lid stop make our vessels easy to use. All vessels feature vent, gauge and drain ports to promote both accurate monitoring and safer use.

Two O-rings, securely mounted in the lid, prevent external leakage by providing an optimum compression seal. By keeping the O-rings in the lid, rather than the body of the housing, liquid contamination or hazardous build-up is virtually eliminated from the O-ring grooves.

Protect your Investment
Valved, parallel systems maximize productivity through continuous service so your filtering process never shuts down. Modular design and construction support a variety of filtering configurations and piping alternatives, providing future equipment expansion capabilities for your company.

Investment cast components, machined to precision tolerances, produce a superior product with minimal welding to assure long-term, trouble-free use. All vessels are designed and built according to the stringent standards of the ASME Code (Section VIII, Division 1), whether they are "U" stamped or Industrial Grade. Filtration Systems does not use sheet metal, clamps or plastics in the manufacture of its housings.

Filtration Systems vessels and filter media are specifically designed to work together as a system. Our Over-The-Top housings allow conversion from filter bags to cartridges without modification of existing process piping. Changing from an Ultrafit Welded absolute-rated filter bag to a SEDTEK high-loading cartridge is as simple as replacing a basket.

Improving product quality and increasing productivity, while protecting your employees and investment is what Over-The-Top design is all about.

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